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  [ Introduction ]
Boiler is a kind of energy conversion aerated brick equipment.

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Boiler is a kind of energy conversion aerated brick equipment equipment widely used in aerated concrete production line, the energy input to the boiler is the chemical energy of the fuel, power, boiler output has certain heat of steam, hot water or organic heat carrier.Hot water or steam produced by boiler can directly provide the required heat energy for industrial production and people's life, it also can be converted into mechanical energy by steam power device, or by a generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.The boiler that provide hot water is called hot water boiler, mainly for the life, which also have a small amount of application in industrial production.Another that generate steam called steam boiler, often referred to as "for boiler, used for power generation, shipbuilding, locomotive and industrial and mining enterprises.



Industrial boiler fuel can be divided into three categories:

Solid fuels - coal, anthracite, lignite, peat, oil shale, sawdust, bagasse, rice husk, etc.

Liquid fuels - heavy oil, oil, residual oil, diesel, etc.

Artificial gas, gas fuel - natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.

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