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Stone Crusher

Stone Crusher

  [ Introduction ]
Stone crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building material, railway, chemistry, waterpower and other industries.

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Hongji Product Introduce

Stone crusher is also called rock crusher. The crushing working is divided into coarse crushing, intermediate grinding and fine grinding according to the discharging and feeding granularity. The common sand equipments are jaw crusher, impact crusher, shaft impact crusher, compound crusher, single hop hammer crusher, central hammer crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher and so on.

Jaw crusher is a kind of crushing machine and is a widly used kinds of stone crusher which makes use of the extrusion and bending effects produced by two jaw plates to achieves coarse or medium crushing of the materials with different hardness. This crusher has many advantages such as simple structure, reliable operation and able to crush hard materials, so it is widely applied in ore beneficiation, building material, silicate, ceramic and other industries. Compared with cone crusher, jaw crusher has low investment, low content of rubbles in the final products and low production cost. Compared with hammer crusher, the wear-resistant parts have long service life, the production efficiency is high and the follow-up investment is small.

Cone crusher is a kinds of stone crusher which is applied in intermediate crushing or fine crushing. The uniformity of discharging size is ususally higher than coarse crushing. Therefore, the bottom of crushing chamber is set by one parallel section, and the rotating speed of crushing cone must be promoted to make sure more than once press on the material of the parallel section.

Roller crusher is a kinds of stone crusher. Roller crusher is the machine that uses roller surface's friction force to deliver the material to crushing zone, and then the material is cracked by extrusion. The roller crusher is used for coarse crushing, or when large size reduction ratio is necessary. The roller surface usually appears teeth or groove to enhance cleaving force. Roller crusher can be divided into single roller crusher, double roller crusher, or mutiple roller crusher based on roller quantity. This crusher can be used for coarse crushing, medium or fine crushing of hard and medium hard material such as coal, limestone, clinker or feldspar, and so on.

Hammer crusher is also a kinds of stone crusher. Hammer crusher has the advantages of large reduction ratio, even discharging size, less powder, low energy consumption, etc. But due to easy damagable hammer, the crusher is suitable for crushing hard material. Besides, it is also not suitbale for crushing material with high humidity or clay to prevent grid jam. So this kind of of crusher is usually used for crushing brittle material under middle hardness such as limestone, shale, coal, gypsum, chalk, etc.

Impact crusher is a kinds of stone crusher. Impact crusher is the machine that crushes material by repetitive high-speed impact of hammer and springback of impact plate. The hammer is fixed to high-speed rotating roller, and several impact plates are outlayed along the crushing chamber at different angles.

Hongji Group is a famous stone crusher manufacturers in China which was established in 1960. We can supply many kinds of stone crusher such as jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, roller crusher , cone crusher. If you want to buy any kinds of stone crusher, please contact us at any time.

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