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Ore Powder Ball Press Machine

Ore Powder Ball Press Machine

  [ Introduction ]
Ore Powder Ball Press machine is mainly to suppress various iron oxide, steel slag, iron ore powder, refractory material etc.

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Hongji Product Introduce

The Ore Powder Ball Press Machine Introduction

Ore Powder Ball Press machine,also called Ore powder briquette machine, is mainly to suppress various iron oxide, steel slag, iron ore powder, refractory material etc., all materials with powder to clinkering need it.Before the lime powders in our metallurgical industry were mostly abandoned, or to do other things, causing great waste of resources, as increasingly tense of the resources energy, the use of lime powder in metallurgy industry gradually get people's attention.

The quality of Ore powder briquetting machine is reliable, multi-usage, strong pressure, suitable for large, medium and small enterprises which has a certain scale of production of production line to use.Applicable to molding of all kinds of materials such as:industrial gasification, the focus of boiler type, cold type, type ignition of coal, civilian coal, metallurgy, refractory material, medicine etc. Compared with other similar products after years of industrial use and improved, Ore Powder Ball Press Machine has obvious advantages of successful rate, small power consumption, compact structure, convenient maintenance and so on .

The Structure Of Ore Powder Ball Press Machine

1.Feeding part, is mainly to realize the quantitative feeding to ensure uniform material into the roller.

2.Transmission parts, main drive system is divided into: the motor - triangle strip - reducer - open gear - roll.

3.Molding part, mainly refers to the host part, the core part is the roll.

The Advantages of Ore Powder Ball Press Machine

The ore powder briquetting machine processes raw materials like iron powder, ore powder, iron oxide, steel slag, refractory matter etc without mixing water after they are crushed. All powder materials that need burning, all high pressure and high strength ore powder materials and all metallurgy wastes that need drawing up such as fly ash, mud, oxide skin, steel slurry, iron flavor powder, aluminum ash powder and manganese mineral powder will require the mineral powder briquette machine. The ore powder briquetting machine, such as chromium ore powder briquetting machine, features high quality, multiple functions and strong bearing pressure, which make it suitable for production lines of large, medium and small sized enterprises.

The Final Briquettes of Ore Powder Ball Press Machine

The finished briquettes made by this iron ore fines briquette press machine can be used for metal smelting or as auxiliary materials of chemical and metallurgy. They have found extensive application in coal, metallurgy and chemical industry. The iron ore fines briquette machine has become increasingly indispensable in iron ore fines and other powders processing in that it makes great contribution to resources reutilization and create tremendous economic benefit to enterprises.

The Technical Parameters of Ore Powder Ball Press Machine

Type Theoretical capacity Reduction box Power(kw)  Votage regulating mode
GQ400 3-5 ZQ400 11KW machenical
GQ500 5-8 ZQ500 18.5KW machenical
GQ650 12-15 ZQ650 37KW machenica
GQ850 16-20 ZQ1000 55KW machenical or hydraulic adjustment
GQ1000 25-30 according to the demands 75-90kw hydraulic adjustment

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