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Hydraulic Ball Press Machine

Hydraulic Ball Press Machine

  [ Introduction ]
Hydraulic pressure ball machine for all kinds of mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other materials are pressing, molding.

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Introduction to Hydraulic pressure ball machine

Hydraulic pressure ball machine or hydraulic briquetting machine is used for pressing and molding all kinds of mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other materials.Of roll force on the extrusion, so that the product of hydraulic press ball machine has high density, high strength, high hardness, high characteristic, and the machine roller adopts 650 mn hard material, has good wear resistance.Effectively improve the service life of the roller.

Application of Hydraulic pressure ball machine

Hydraulic briquette machine or hydraulic briquetting machine, according to the domestic and foreign counterparts, fully use all kinds of mature and advanced technology to develop a new generation of products.The rigidity is strong. The practical application of Hydraulic ball press machine is very extensive, it can produce a variety of materials, building blocks, such as cryolite, aluminum oxide, chemical fertilizer, magnesium powder, bauxite, aluminum ash, etc.And powder of non-ferrous metal industry, auxiliary materials, powder of refractory material industry and high value-added materials is more suitable for use.

Performance Features of Hydaulic Briquetting Machine

This hydraulic briquette press machine adopts hydraulic system which can increase the intensity of pressure. The principal axis is casted with 40cr and the roller adopts wear-resisting alloy, so that the whole machine has compact structure and is solid and durable.

Working principle of Hydraulic pressure ball machine

This series pressure ball machine is through the reducer will power and passed to the two roller, and make the two roller rotation, violent in two roller rotation, the material naturally into the roller ball mold, as the rotation of roller material stress have a little change, when the material turn to two roll line contact point, the material stress has reached the peak.Under the action of the big line pressure,material by powder become finished product ball.

Technology parameters of Hydraulic pressure ball machine

Product model Diameter of roller sheet(mm) Production capacity (t/h) Motor power(kw) Pressure regulating device Spherical size
360 360 3-6 11 Hydraulic pressure User defined
450 450 6-8 18-22 Hydraulic pressure User defined
500 500 8-10 25-30 Hydraulic pressure User defined
650 650 10-15 30-32 Hydraulic pressure User defined
850 850 15-20 55-75 Hydraulic pressure User defined
1000 1000 22-30 75-130 Hydraulic pressure User defined

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