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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

  [ Introduction ]
Bucket elevator is used for the vertical transport of bulk material ranging from light and fine to heavy and coarse.

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Hongji Product Introduce

Introduction of bucket elevator:

Bucket elevator is used for the vertical transport of bulk material ranging from light and fine to heavy and coarse. It is constructed using buckets attached to a belt or chain. With robust and solid construction, it is available to be used internally or externally of buildings.Widely used in cement, chemical, coal, fertilizer, mining, steel industries, etc. It is divied into belt bucket elevator, ring chain bucket elevator and plate chain bucket elevator. It is allowed to transport the materials with high temperature (the materialsí» temperature )does not exceed 250 íŠ.General transport height is up to 40 meters.

The structure of bucket elevator:

Bucket elevator contains shell, traction pieces (conveyor chain), hopper, drive wheels (first round), haul (tail wheel), tensioning device, guide, feeding mouth (mouth) and discharge opening (discharging).

Working principle of bucket elevator:

The materials are scooped by the hopper from the storage below, with the conveyor belt or chain raised to the top, and turned downward around the top rounds, then dumped into the receiving tank by bucket elevator. The transmission belt of bucket elevator with transmission generally uses the rubber band, which equipped under or on top of the drive roller and turnabout roller on the upper and under. Bucket elevator with chain transmission is normally equipped with two parallel transmission chains, with a pair of drive sprockets or a pair of bend wheel under or above. Bucket elevators are generally equipped with rack to prevent the dust flying in bucket

Main Features of bucket elevator:

1. High-volume buckets are attached to a chain or link chain

2. Simple structure with small driving power

3. Large Capacity, high lifting height

4. Easy installation and maintenance


All dimensions are designed and manufactured in accordance with the actual needs for supporting vertical packing machine, computer measuring machine design for the upgrading of food, medicine, chemical industrial products, screws, nuts and other products of the material, can be used to signal recognition packing machine control of the machine automatically stops start.

Technical Parameters:

Specification>  160  Type 200 Type  250 Type  300 Type  350 Type 400 Type 450  Type   500 Type
 Max lifting height (m)  28  31.5 30.16 31  32  32.7  32.7
 Conveying capacity (m3/h)  3-8 6-15  10-25  25-35  19-40  35-50  42-60  58-70
 Pitchof bucket (mm)  500  500  500  500  600  600  600  600

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