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  [ Introduction ]
Autoclave reactor is also called the steaming kettle, autoclave reactor, is a kind of large volume.

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Hongji Product Introduce


Autoclave reactor,called the steaming kettle, autoclave reactor, is a kind of aerated brick equipment widely used in aerated concrete production line. Autoclave is a kind of large volume, heavy weight large pressure vessel.Autoclaved kettle application is very extensive, a large number of applications in aerated concrete block, concrete pipe pile, lime-sand brick, fly ash brick, microporous calcium silicate board, the new light wall material, insulation asbestos board, high-strength gypsum building materials, such as autoclaved curing, made within the kettle Cao - Si02 - H2O water thermal response.Also widely used in rubber products, wood drying and anticorrosive processing, heavy metal smelting, firebrick cut oil permeability of coal, in accordance with the glass pipe high pressure processing, chemical fiber products, high temperature and high pressure treatment, pulp cooking food cans, cable sulfide, net shape as well as chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace industry, insulation materials, harrower, war industry and so on need to pressure pipe production process production project.

Technical Parameters:

Standard Extreme design pressure(Mpa) Work stress(Mpa) Design temperature() Operating temperature() Contour size of the unit(M)
221 1.4 1.3 198.34 194.13 22.12262.973
2.531.5 1.6 1.5 203 200 33.23.24
2.6839 1.6 1.5 203 200 40.653.464.25
2.8526 1.65 1.5 205 205 27.43.5954.504
2.8539 1.65 1.5 205 205 40.43.5954.504

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