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Henan Hongji Ball Press Machinery Company is the most profession manufacturer of Ball Press Machinery

  • Dry Powder Pressure Ball Machine How to Work Effectively

    Lime powder in our metallurgical industry has been mostly abandoned several years ago, or to do other things,which caused great waste of resources, as the resources energy are increasingly tense, the use of lime powder in metallurgy industry more and more get people's attention. Through scientific research of relevant institutions since 2002 , to solve the problem, which adopts high voltage powder pressure ball machine,compressed the powder into balls from the kiln, used for smelting, at present, the part of the foreign steel factories and China's baogang steel factory, anshan steel factory, etc, have been used. ...  Details>>

    Release Date:    2015-01-14    Author:   Hongji Group
  • The Significance of the Presssure Ball Machine Equipment After-sales Service Level

    Whatever the pressure ball machine and other equipments, manufacturers requires a certain after-sales service for the users.After-sales service has important significance to pressure the ball machine equipment manufacturer....  Details>>

    Release Date:    2015-01-13    Author:   Hongji Group
  • The Choose of Pressure Ball Machine Needs Think Twice

    How to choose pressure ball machine?It is of greatest importance for buyers' investment success and failure. Today, HeNan Hongji Mine Machinery CO.,LTD will save a lot of problems for you and only need a simple 4 steps can let you buy the rest assured pressure ball machine....  Details>>

    Release Date:    2015-01-12    Author:   Hongji Group
  • Giant Application of Pressure Ball Machine with Environmental Protection

    In the future, the topic of environmental protection is the eternal topic of construction and development of environmentally friendly coal equipment technology is imperative.Overall to said the development of the pressure ball machine, application in China is relatively late.But its application prospect is promising....  Details>>

    Release Date:    2015-01-12    Author:   Hongji Group
  • How to Build a Ball Press Machine Production Line?

    To build a high quality of desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine production line in addition to choose appropriate production equipment, also must have good desulfurization gypsum binder....  Details>>

    Release Date:    2015-01-12    Author:   Hongji Group
  • Materials'Crushing Purpose from Stone Crushers

    Stone Crushers can be used in all aspects of social life, production, industrial production, industrial system, sand, mineral processing enterprises one of the indispensable equipment, why crusher have such effect?What is its crushing purpose?...  Details>>

    Release Date:    2015-01-12    Author:   Hongji Group

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