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Dry Powder Pressure Ball Machine How to Work Effectively

Release date : 2015-01-13      Source : Hongji Group

Dry powder ball press machine can be used to suppress, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum, iron, tin oxide, carbon powder, coal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, at the end of the activated carbon, coke and other powder, powder, waste, waste residue, is widely used in forming materials of all kinds of industry that have the need for briquetting equipments of HeNan Hongji Mine Machinery CO.,LTD,such as: refractory material, power plants, metallurgical, chemical, energy, transportation, heating and other industries.The materials after molding have some advantages: energy conservation, environmental protection, convenience of transportation, improve the utilization of waste, has the good economic efficiency and social benefits.

1.Preload stage
 By to the press to compress the supplies in the first place.

2.Forcing stage
By the pressure of the material being forced into the middle of the roll to suppress (also called exhaust) again until completely clamping, maximum pressure.

3.Demoulding stage
As the rotation of roller after clamping the ball cavity began to continuously separate, lifted the ball bad compaction force, the roll speed under the action of centrifugal force and the weight of pellets ball billet automatically stripping.

4.In ball production, produced by the side of the ball material is normal, for around 3 mm.

5.According to the material, roll speed and speed to achieve the best match to voltage, can be a full into a ball, should find out in practice, must think of the best point.

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