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The Significance of the Presssure Ball Machine Equipment After-sales Service Level

Release date : 2015-01-12      Source : Hongji Group

More pressure ball machine manufacturers have much enthusiasm in the pre-sale consultation or the user problems in processing.But once the deal is reached, the user after purchasing the pressure ball machine, the attitude of treating customers changes sharply.For some problems in the production of medium pressure ball machine,the manufacturers turn a deaf ear regardless of where the responsibility.Such both neither are responsible for the after-sale service is very unwise.After-sales service has important significance to pressure the ball machine equipment manufacturer.

1, Increasing pressure ball machine equipment service level is in late sustaining users' satisfaction, and loyalty.

In the after sales, manufacturers to the user in pressure ball machine installation, debugging to the official production provide a full range of guidance and help.The smooth realization of the user production work.In use process, pressure ball machine equipment problems, manufacturers in a timely manner to solve.Users will feel not only professional but also responsible for.If the users have production demand will also buy the manufacturer again pressure ball machine equipment.

2, Pressure ball machine equipment after-sales service can avoid unnecessary price war to some extent.

Now the type of coal equipment manufacturing industry is competitive.There are some pressure ball machine equipment manufacturers take price war in order to capture the market.This not only destroyed the normal order of market economy, to pressure the ball machine equipment manufacturing industry also bring some damage.To strengthen after-sales service to pressure the ball machine equipment users a trust, in a sense, the user might not be concerned that higher price.

3, The high quality pressure ball machine equipment after-sales service for the next sale.

Each pressure ball machine equipment manufacturers don't want to do a one-time business, all want to have more repeat business.If the service is very poor, the user even when buying pressure ball machine equipment needs, also won't in select previous manufacturer.

4, It is conducive to the formation of a good reputation and brand image.

Enterprise development cannot leave the support of users.Ready to pressure the ball machine equipment after-sales service work, is also in establishing a good reputation.Such widespread not only improve the image of the enterprise also can bring more potential customers.

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