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Materials'Crushing Purpose from Stone Crushers

Release date : 2015-01-07      Source : Hongji Group

Stone Crusher is mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory materials,ceramics, etc., in the industrial sector as broken and finely various kinds of hard rocks and ores in use.why crusher have such effect?What is its crushing purpose?

Firstly,increasing the specific surface area of material

Material after broken, its surface area increases, thus can improve the effect of the role of physical andchemical reaction speed.As several different solid content material blending, if the object the finecrushing, the higher the degree of mixing.Cement clinker burning, basically is a kind of solid insteadshould be, its reaction rate and material comminution granularity, the fine grinding materials, the fasterthe reaction rate.The faster the reaction speed, calcined save the more heat when burnt.

Secondly, the preparation of concrete aggregate and artificial sand

Preparation of concrete need all kinds of particle size of aggregate (gravel), is mined from large piecesof stone, after crushing screening process all kinds of the strength of the rubble.In the case ofinsufficient when burning sand today, with the broken method preparation of artificial sand for use.

Thirdly, decompose in the ore into useful

In the ore dressing operation, crushing and grinding work, is to put all kinds of useful minerals in theuseful composition of closely integrated with the symbiotic and impurities separately, namely"dissociation".Material after dissociation, can use the method of separation out impurities and get a pure concentrate.

Fourthly,as the raw material preparation for the next processing or ease of use

In coking plant, sinteringplant, briquetting plant, building materials and powder metallurgy, the fragmentation of the raw materials used by the is compared commonly big, to comminution below a certain size, for further processing.

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