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Why the Jaw Crusher can be so Useful and Suitable for Industry and Manufacture

Release date : 2015-01-06      Source : Hongji Group

In domestic mining equipment industry, the superiority of China Jaw Crusher in capacity as well as effectiveness has not been beyond.The movement of Chinab Jaw Crusher adopts one of the world's most advanced and proven four-link mechanical design theory,increaseing the crushing chamber bidirectional nip angle, putting short brackets on a large angle to reduce the transmission angle and eccentricity,improving product performance and reliability.

Why the Jaw Crusher can be so Useful and Suitable for Industry and Manufacture?The Jaw Crusher great superiorities can give you the answers.

1. The cavity of jaw crusher is deep and no dead area, so it prompts the feeding capacity and output.And the size of the reduction ratio is big and the production size is even.

2. Adjustment device of the spacer style discharge mouth is convenient and reliable.And jaw crusher's adjustment range is bigwhat improves the flexibility of equipment.

3. Lubrication system of jaw crusher is safe and reliable. Unit replacement is convenient.And the work of maintenance is small.

4. Its structure is simple and operation is reliable. Easy maintenance and low operating cost.And high energy conservation : single machine's energy conservation 15%-30% and the machine system energy conservation is more than twice of the single machine.

5. The frame of jaw crusher is very firm due to removing welding residual stress and the adjustment range of the outlet is big,so it can satisfy the requirement of different customers.

6. The noise of jaw crusher is low and dust is little when jaw crusher works.

To sum up,High quality of the Jaw Crushers not only bring benefits to users in construction and production,but also can improve the standing and reputation in the world.Henan Hongji Mine Machinery Co.,LTD.actively takes part in international market, innovates bravely to create. We open a new door to domestic enterprises in the view in addition to providing them with new production philosophy.Beaides the Mobile Jaw Crushers usher the industry, follow the times closely,keep surpassing and bring benefits to enterprises.

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