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Vibrating feeder product advantage

Release date : 2014-11-03      Source : Hongji Group

Vibrating feeder is a kind of feeder machine that transfers blocky or granular materials from the storage bin to the material receiving equipment uniformly,teemingly and continuously. It can do the coarse material screening and feed the crusher uniformly and continuously in the stone production line.Vibrating feeder is widely used in the crushing and screening sites of metallurgy,coal ore,mineral separation,construction,chemical and abrasive, etc.

(1)High efficiency and low operating cost

The double eccentric shaft as the excitation source, amplitude stability, guarantee the liquidity of vibrating ore rock material, reducing channel congestion and blanking phenomenon, so the ore drawing ability, high efficiency; has the advantages of simple structure, no moving parts, less wearing parts, this series of vibrating less energy consumption, obvious energy saving.

(2)High adaptability of less investment

On various kinds of ore and rock in particular cohesive ore rock material adaptability, and can work in dusty or water more environment; has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure, less investment, high performance price ratio.

(3)Stable and reliable working performance

Continuity is good machine, vibration strength adjustable; electric control uses half wave rectifying electrical appliance, stepless regulation of feeding materials, can be used for automatic control of the production process, the realization of the production process automation.

(4)Low noise pollution

The machine adopts low noise, closed frame structure, prevent dust pollution, Protect environment.

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