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How to choose rod mill and ball mill?

Release date : 2014-10-09      Source : Hongji Group

Many customers have some questions before buy rod ball or ball mill. Sometimes after signed the contract or bought the steel ball, we found that client did not want ball mill but rod mill.

So, Hongji Mine Machinery explains how to choose rod mill or ball mill. Rod mill and ball mill, although the structure is substantially the same, but there are 3 differences:

(1) Grinding Medias are Different.

Rod ball used 50mm-100mm diameter steel bar for grinding media, but ball mill with steel ball for grinding media.

steel bar and ball

The steel bars shorter than rod mill barrel 25mm-50mm, and mostly made of high-carbon steel which carbon-containing 0.8%-1%.

(2) Different Process Characteristics.

Rod mill process characteristic is the finished material size more uniform, containing less coarse particles and mineral mud and over crusher more less.

Ball mill process characteristic is high production capacity,strong adaptability for materials,saving energy and the finished materials more fine.

(3) Different Finished Material Size.

The finished material particle size range for 6mm and under 6mm with rod mill grinding.

After ball mill grinding, the finished material particle size below 1.5mm.

And both of rod mill and ball mill can grinding particle size of not more than 60mm of different hardness minerals and other materials.

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