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How to reduce the wear of ball mill liner Easily ?

Release date : 2014-10-08      Source : Hongji Group

The ball mill liner is consumable part. When ball mill working, the liner is sustained impact by steel ball and material, be corroded by the slurry. And ball mill liner also affected by steel ball material,mineral hardness and installation of operating conditions.

ball mill liner

So, how to deal with the problem of the ball mill liner wear and improve the ball mill production capacity?

There are 6 elements:

(1) Reasonable selected steel balls and liners. Liner and steel ball hardness ratio should be between 0.85~0.9. Steel ball hardness is 1.7 times of grinding material hardness. And to determine a reasonable diameter of steel ball.

 ball mill steel ball

(2) Low-load operation, adjust the amount of coal feed timely.

(3) Fixed liners and design of arc-shaped tighten hole.

(4) Strict control of media, reducing the content of coal gangue.

(5) After replacing the ball mill liner, just use lower hardness of steel ball to run 1 or 2 months, after ball mill liners hardness and toughness have improved, then use higher hardness of steel ball. This can extend the life of ball mill liner.

(6) Timely elimination of equipment defects, to prevent damage to the expansion of scope and ensure ball mill running safety.

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