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What is the difference between impact crusher and jaw crusher?

Release date : 2014-10-07      Source : Hongji Group

Impact crusher and jaw crusher are commonly used in stone crusher equipment.

But the impact crusher is used as fine crusher equipment, And the jaw crusher is used for primary crushing in production line. It is depend on their physical properties, like working principle, adapt materials and other properties.

FIRST: the difference of the work principle between impact crusher and jaw crusher.

Impact Crusher: impact crusher use impact force to crushing materials. In the working, the rotor in impact crusher is rotating at high speed. When the material into impact crusher be broken by the rotor with a hammer, then back to the liner to be broken again and finally discharged from the discharge port.

Jaw Crusher: the working part of jaw crusher is composed of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate. And the movable jaw plate do periodic reciprocating motion on the fixed jaw plate, the material is crushed between two teeth plates.

Second: the difference of processing material between impact crusher and jaw crusher.

Impact Crusher: impact crusher can handle the materials which 100mm-500mm in length and compression strength of up to 350Mpa.

Jaw Crusher: jaw crusher mainly deal with compression strength up 320MPa materials.

Third: the difference of finished material between impact crusher and jaw crusher.

Impact Crusher: the finished material is not only with good shape, but also with high compression strength. The most important is the impact crusher can be flexibly adjust the discharge size to meet various demands.

Jaw Crusher: the finished material is mostly flaky and triangular-shaped and can not be used directly before impact crusher or shaping machine.

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