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Rotary Dryer Has Played an Excellent Property in the Mining Industry

Release date : 2014-08-05      Source : Hongji Group

With the development of mining equipment, rotary Dryer has played an Excellent Property in the Mining Industry, his dominant position is also increasingly fierce in the market.

Rotary dryer is generally suitable for granular particles, which can also be used for part of mixed materials to dry glue paste materials or materials moisture whose content is higher. The advantage of its wide applicable scope, convenient operation, high rates of operation, is widely used to dry slag, clay, limestone, fuel.

According to the production, rotary dryer can also be used to choose the appropriate rotary dryer models. In the dry, hot air or hot flue gas used to heat the material, which will make the moisture to evaporate, at the same time, rely on the effect of ventilation equipment, make the drying medium inside the drying equipment constantly updated to eliminate moisture.

Rotary dryer is the main auxiliary equipment with the dryer chamber, feeding and discharging equipment, dust collector and exhaust fan, etc. The process is specifically material from the inlet into the dryer, flue gas from the opposite direction into the dryer, drying the supplies.

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