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A single period of jaw crusher to build sand production

Release date : 2014-07-23      Source : Hongji Group

Although the price of jaw crusher is very cheap, the price of the cone and impact crusher is very expensive, and the equipment in the running process to produce electrical consumption and wear parts plus the civil investment, there is a lot of investment.

Therefore, under the condition of same capacity owner will choose the host devices of sand production line configuration scheme.Moreover, building sand production line only need a crusher equipment is not impossible.Henan hongji mining machinery produces the single period of jaw crusher can meet the needs of such owner of building stones plants.Single period of jaw crusher is equivalent to ordinary jaw crusher puls cone crusher.

Such as in produce 50 tons of granite in the sand production line, just a SPE132 single period of jaw crusher can make originally "broken" more crushing process, direct one-time complete, just skip the middle cone crusher, truly achieve the effect of the section to save energy.

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