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The trend analysis of ore dressing machine,flotation machine,

Release date : 2014-07-17      Source : Hongji Group

As is known to all, China is a big country of mineral resources, but according to the characteristics of mineral resources, in exploitation, there must be the detailed processing. as a result, It will bring the very big development space for our country's ore dressing machine industry, especially to the ore dressing machine, then we'll talk a development trend of the mineral processing equipment in our country, for the better development of a comprehensive analysis.

The first step is to use crusher for material of broken, and then need to use ball mill for secondary crushing in order to achieve the desired effect.Thus, for these two kinds of ore dressing machine provides a good development space.With the formulate of national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, in terms of grinding and identification equipment, we should pay special attention to the manufacture of the energy-saving ball mill , fine particle flotation machine and flotation column, etc.

We should accelerate the pace of China's independent research and development, strive to make us into a ore dressing machine export power.

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