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The new technology of the ball mill

Release date : 2014-07-16      Source : Hongji Group

With the development of mining machinery,the new technology of the ball mill has improved rapidly.Based on the principle of economy, safety, making the following maintenance plan.using the method of scraping to repair the tile surface and recovery oil groove.Clean up finishing bearing shell and spherical surface of the bearing, rotating flexible and meets quality standards.Two main bearing with shim adjustment of relative elevation, the deviation control within 0.5 mm, and make the feed end is higher than the discharging end, and at the same time adjust the main and the other main technical parameters of the bearing.Was carried out on the hollow shaft surface grinding, deburring and binder in babbitt spots on the surface of the shaft, improve pitting corrosion situation, improve the quality of the axial plane.Adjust the big gear ring diameter l beat quantity.With adjusting the method of center distance big ring gear and small gear adjust top, lateral clearance of gear.Adjust the coupling alignment for cleaning and add oil pressure gauge, replace the new filter.

the lubricating points of oil, after being completely hollow shaft lubrication, can start the host.Actively deal with end cover and leak slurry, prevent pulp into the bearing, depending on the situation in a timely manner or replaced periodically sealing felt.All kinds of detecting element, such as oil pressure gauge, differential pressure tables, current meter, temperature control device, such as check regularly, ensure its accuracy.The oil pump motor and ball mill should have interlocking device, in order to make the ball can't start under the condition of the oil pump does not work .

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