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Double shaft mixer-an important briquetting equipment in mining industry

Release date : 2014-07-14      Source : Hongji Group

There are so many kinds of machine in briquetting equipments,the double-shaft mixer is the one.Double-shaft mixer is also called the dual-axis mixer, prewetting machine, digesters, etc;Mainly used for cement, steel, chemical fertilizer, chemical and other industries, has some advantages of good seal performance, high mixing efficiency, cover small area , reliable operation, stable, etc.

Double-shaft mixer mainly consists of chassis, spiral shaft assembly, drive equipment, piping, cover plate, chain cover parts.when the ration of raw powder in the feed opening into the mixing tank, by several water(20KP) which has certain pressure atomization pour on raw powder, after mixing evenly by qualitative length axis, the blender mixing time can be divided into three areas, namely the atomization area, mixing area and discharge area.This makes powder to complete its work in a full wet and loose condition, quickly into the next process.

In addition,there are many other briquetting equipments,such as:coal pressure ball machine,ore powder ball press machine,vertical dryer,mesh belt dryer,etc.the double-shaft mixer is one of them.

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