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The briquetting equipment of Hongji mining machinery CO.,LTD

Release date : 2014-07-11      Source : Hongji Group

The briquetting equipment is the equipment to compressed the powder material into the ball.Pressure ball machine equipment widely used in briquetting or granulating some materials such as aluminum, chip, clay, coke, coal activated carbon, charcoal, cryolite, fertilizer, plastic, limestone and other materials,Pressure ball machine equipment is mainly used in: coal forming;Dry powder molding;Desulfurization gypsum molding;Coke powder molding;Iron filings and all kinds of metal ore powder forming.

Henan hongji mining machinery CO.,LTD.product the sets of briquetting equipments,not only has the suitable price and good quality,but also energy-saving and environmental protection.such as:Coal pressure ball machine, Ore powder ball press machine, Dry powder ball press machine,Hydraulic ball press machine,Desulfurization gypsum ball press machine,Double-shaft mixer, Vertical dryer,Mesh belt dryer as well as Ball press machine production line.

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