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How to reduce the electric cost of coal briquette machine

Release date : 2014-07-11      Source : Hongji Group

At the premise of never changing the productivity, in order to reduce the electric cost of the coal briquette machine, you should choose a briquette machine equipped with good electric motor and make an entire evaluate for another nature of the briquette machine. You should take measures to reduce the electric cost from the motor.

1.Improve the motor efficiency of the briquette machine. It can reduce the energy consumption if you stop using the cooling fan in the winter.

2.Change the motor stator into the triangular mixed connection windings in series. So that it can improve the magnetomotive force waveform to reduce the electric current and improve the efficiency and save the energy.

3.The electric motor is different according to different type coal briquette machine. You should choose the particular electric motor for the unique high pressure briquette machine to reduce the consumption and electric energy.

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