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The sand making machine plays a important role nowadays

Release date : 2014-07-02      Source : Hongji Group

Due to the expanding scale of urban and rural construction,the most areas in China now channel sandstone resources are drying up, the sand that can be mining are not so many.Our province building materials market has strong demand and the supply market is shrinking, this causes sand prices. In this case,the propose of the mechanism of sand to solve a difficult problem for construction industry. The mechanism sand almost contains all the characteristics of high quality sand.

The mechanism of sand have finished product rules, grain shape good, and the advantages of reasonable gradation, and can according to different technical requirements in actual production process into different rules and the size of the sand, more can meet the daily needs.Using the sand mechanism is very important to ecological environment protection.According to information from the Chinese association of sandstone , sand industry overall have stable development in our country in recent years,the mining and using of natural sandstone have been controlled ,mechanism of sandstone gradually into the market.Mechanism of sand application market expansion also suggests that China's overall level of sand industry in improving.

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