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The Rising Technology of Ball Mill

Release date : 2014-07-02      Source : Hongji Group

    With the sustainable innovation of the material grinding technology in cement industry,the development of the industry put forward more higher requirements to the technology of ball mill.

    In recent years,the utilization of new technology and the development of new equipment in cement industry,have made great achievements in the field of grinding. such as:cone ball mill,energy-saving ball mill.

    With the development of science and technology, our super fine powder technology has been changed.The mineral resources are increasingly into all walks of life, the technology will bring a big change in building materials industry.And this change will greatly promote the development of ultra-fine powder processing technology in China.

    At present, the cement industry grinding technology has been developing very advanced, and some other industry grinding technology is still relatively backward, The innovation and development of the enterprise in many different areas can promote the overall level of domestic machinery manufacturing and shrink the gap between our country and international machinery manufacturing level.

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