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Mobile crusher station to improve the sustainable development

Release date : 2014-07-02      Source : Hongji Group

construction waste treatment is the main force of the sustainable development of our country.How to manage the effective recycling of construction waste and recycling?We should know the construction waste must go through several steps to become qualified sand aggregate that we can use.

The solid waste in construction waste including concrete, brick, glass, wood, plastic, etc.Wood and plastic is easy to handle,which can be used by reasonable technology to separation while concrete and deal with the waste brick need professional crushing equipment to crushing screening and recycling.According to statistics, the recycling of construction waste is mainly concentrated in the recycling of waste concrete and old brick and tile, this part of content accounted for 80% of the total construction waste.

As a professional construction waste processing equipment manufacturer, Henan hongji mining machinery manufacture CO.,LTD gives an simple and obvious answer:first of all, we must get the construction waste broken separation through the mobile crushing plant, secondly, secondary processing of the aggregate, finally to become the raw materials we need.

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