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How to keep maintenance of mining machinery in summer

Release date : 2014-06-17      Source : Hongji Group

Nowadays,there are generally high temperature,high temperature will bring many difficulties to the use of engineering machinery,so the early prevention measures of mining machinery should be adopted.What difficulties the high temperature will bring to the use of mining machinery in summer construction.Such as:high temperature of water tank and engine can cause certain harm to the cooling system,fine sand recycling hydraulic systems,circuit and tire as well as reduce the utilization of the engineering machinery,improve the failure rate and increase the construction cost.

We should prevent the high temperature mechanical equipment well in advance of protection:

First of all, be conscientious and make a good job in mechanical equipment maintenance.To comprehensive maintenance of engineering machinery,change the engine oil, change or adjust the belt, check if the fan, water tank, the generator, the performance of the compressor is reliable, when it is necessary for maintenance, repair or replacement.

Second,raise the oil viscosity grade of the machinery which is working for the high temperature area,at the same time check whether the cooling system, fuel system is unblocked, and replace the aging wires, plugs, tubing, screws, fasten fuel line to prevent fuel leakage.Clean oil pollution , dust of the engine body, ensure engine "lighter", good heat dissipation.

Again,The battery also need to be added in time.

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