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The development trend of stone mining machinery industry in the future

Release date : 2014-06-12      Source : Hongji Group

The technology level and equipment capacity of mining machinery,is a important symbol to measure a country's industrial strength.This paper briefly introduces the classification of mining machinery and role in the national economic construction,and put forward the market driven that oriented the economic construction,computer technology,information technology, and other multi-disciplinary integrated support as well as the harmonious development between human and nature is the driving force for the development of the mining machinery manufacturing industry.

Mining machinery occupies an important position and role in the economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development.According to the national key support the development of the basic industries such as energy, transportation and raw materials of industrial policy, the pillar of the basis for mining machinery industry should have priority of national key support, in order to get further development and improve to meet the needs of the national economy development of energy and raw materials.

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