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The 21st century China has the world's attention in mining machinery manufacturing

Release date : 2014-06-11      Source : Hongji Group

In the 21st century,China has become the mining machinery manufacturing power and keep the world's attention,however,the high-end products made in our country with independent intellectual property rights is not much so far.Developing the digital,intelligent,ecological and pleasant mining machinery and realizing the major equipment,high-end complete through independent innovation for our country's economic construction and social development to make great contribution.

The specific measures for:

(1)The adoption of long life,low energy consumption and the design principle of low weight.Extending the life of product can reduce the mechanical production and the scrip quantities.Reducing the energy consumption of the products can cut down the pollution of environment while the lightweight and high efficiency can reduce the consumption of materials and resources.

(2)Minimize the waste pollution of parts and components and comprehensive cost optimization.In the initial stage of design,mining machinery products should consider scrapping a simple processing,low cost and low pollution,parts easy to collapse,crushing easy,can burn,can be used as a fuel recycling and other problems.With low environmental load materials as far as possible,don't use Freon(air conditioning), chlorinated rubber, resin and harmful material such as asbestos.

(3)Especially the design of the structure should be used as far as possible, easy to assemble and decomposition of big modular structure and non-toxic material, can use recycled materials and resources, improve the mechanical material regeneration rate;

(4) to reduce pollution to the environment, reduce the vibration and noise of the machine.

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