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Mining machinery manufacturing upgrade imminent

Release date : 2014-06-10      Source : Hongji Group

Our country is not a powerful mining machinery manufacturing nation,and there is a still vast gap in technology of equipment manufacturing compared with developed country.In the situation of the word economic downturn,the United States and other developed country proposed to return to the manufacturing,while the low-end equipment manufacturing center of mining machinery has shifted from our country to other countries in Southeast Asia.In the state of two pressurized between domestic and abroad,the country how to shape a new superiority mining machinery become primary problem to be solved.

After 2008 the international financial crisis,the world economy has three trends:First,to accelerate the manufacturing revolution,and gradually development to intelligent and digitized direction.Second,the global value chain and industry chain pattern changes,more and more multinational companies moves research and sales center to a place near the market.Third,the international trade and the investment rules has changed.

Reconstruction of the world economy on China's mining machinery manufacturing industry is a crisis and an opportunity, there are authorities to encourage machinery manufacturing enterprises to participate in the development of global trade rules, and in which play an important role.

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