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Drying equipment will soon face a landmark development

Release date : 2014-05-15      Source : Hongji Group

According to the requirements of "drying equipments development plan",by 2015,the domestic drying equipments will account for more than 50% of the domestic market demands,the system of independent intellectual property rights accounts for 75% of the total production of drying equipments.

Currently,the economic type that meet the demands of domestic market accourts for 50% in domestic drying equipments,the universal type that have achieved large-scale production accourt for 45%,the superior type that have a greatly increase of variety,economical drying equipments have achieved the capacity of bulk export,universal type is ready to expand the export gradually.

To some extent,the development and progress of drying equipments industry promotes the changed the public traditional perception of machinery industry and equipment manufacturing.In order to promote the progress of drying equipments,we must increase efforts to improve and innovate.

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