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Low-carbon environmental protection will become main force in crusher industry

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Green has become a main theme of social development under the increasing situation that globle environment and energy crisis.All kinds of industry have a profound understanding:reapting the extensive mode of development in past don't confirm to the current situation,such as,high consumption,high pollution and low efficiency.The state has also adopted the same policy which will control the high energy consumption and high pollution enterprises.Environmental protection will occupy an increasingly important position in the transformation of economic development.

Low-carbon environmetal protection is the requirements of national policy.

With the rapid development of Chinese industry and mining enterprises,large quantities of mining equipment industry are also appear,giving a tremendous impact both on economic development and environment.In order to alleviate the harm caused by environmental degredation,the state begin to advocate a low-carbon economy and energy conservation.

Energy conservation is inner motivation to enhance a enterprises'competitiveness.

For a long time,mining industry leaves the dirty impression to public.If you carefully analyse the concept of energy saving,you will find crusher industry also has a big significance in environmental protection, though they sounds little relationship in surface.

Therefore, developing a new, energy-saving crusher has a potential market.Seize the opportunity of their own and future development of the industry, are of great significance and positive impact.

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