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Cone crusher need to insist on the conception of environmental protection

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Low-carbon revolution is still on the way in 2014,we should prepare ourselves to deal with the arrival of this moment.It's not only closely related to the strength of our country,living environment and industrial development,but also to our personal wealth,health and future.

The equipment of crusher and screener have constantly updated nowadays,hennan hongji machinery had significant research results in ore crushing and the device is fully achieve low-carbon environmental requirements.It's to show our talents,especially in terms of researching and manufacturing of cone crusher.Cone crusher has large crushing ratio,high efficiency,high capacity,low operating costs,easy adjustment and economic characteristics.

Cone crusher mainly consists of frame, transmission department, the Ministry of eccentric, bowl bearing portion Ministry branch sets, adjusting sleeve Ministry ect. Hongji machinery cone crusher go green route from various aspects,such as:design,material selection,production ect.

Currently, the carbon advantage which Hongji Machinery cone crusher has as the following:it's not only improve the capacity of production and efficiency of crushing,but also expand the range of applications.

Low-carbon emissions are still new evaluation system in 2014.Through researching technology ,improving the equipments,and the sense of responsibility for the future,hongji are ready to follow the trend of low-carbon energy development as well as initiate and practice the concept of low-carbon energy .

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