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How to choose the crusher in mining industry

Release date : 2014-06-22      Source : Hongji Group

Whether mining coal, copper, iron ore, or other deposit, a very significant machine tools that crusher should be used.To choose one of the most suitable crusher, not only directly related to the efficiency of mining face,but also related to the subsequent ability of continuous production and it's a major event that relevant to healthy development of enterprises. So how to choose a suitable crusher station ?

You should focus on the following aspects:

First, by the nature of the deposit to choose. Depending on the different nature of mine to pick, Cone crusher is suitable to the coal mine, But to the general case of iron ore and copper ore, it is much better to choose the secondary and tertiary crusher.

even if it is some hardness multi-ore, You should choose a higher hardness tolerant crusher.So knowing the applicable range of hardness and crushing characteristics of various crusher is a vital thing.Because of highest compression 350Mpa,The jaw crusher and cone crusher is the most common machine in mine, which is most suitable for those mine whose ore is relatively hard.

Second, according to integrated production process conditions to choose. In order to save time and increase productivity of the entire process,selected crusher should satisfy the needs of maximize efficiency in production line.

Third, according to the brand and price to consider. After the selected type, a specific brand and price are two very important consideration. At this point, we recommend you chose those products quality and reputation are well assured.

Selecting the appropriate crusher is a "doorway",so it shouldn'tbe underestimated.

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