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Shallow talk the factors effecting the screening process of vibrating screen

Release date : 2014-06-23      Source : Hongji Group

The technical and economic indexes of the screening process includes screening efficiency and productivity. The former is the quality index and the latter is the quantitative index. The two is correlative, and they are also related to many other factors which determines the screening results.  Factors effecting the screening process of vibrating screen can be divided into three categories:

1, The physical properties of the screening materials
The physical properties include the grain size composition, humidity, mud content and particle shape of material itself and other properties.
If the percent of fine grain material is bigger, the productivity of the vibrating screen will also correspondingly be large. When the humidity of the material is big, generally speaking, the screening efficiency will reduce. In order to improve the screening process, it generally increase mesh approach, or use wet type screening.

2, The effect of the screen surface properties and its structure parameters.
Vibrating screen is make the sieve surface and the particle do vertical motion, so vibrating screen has a higher screening efficiency and larger production capacity. As with the bar screen, planar vibrating screen, drum screen, their sieve surface and the particle do parallel motion, the screening efficiency and production capacity are low.
For determined material, the productivity and screening efficiency of the screen depends on the size of mesh. The bigger the size, the bigger the productivity of unit screen surface, the higher the screening efficiency.

3, The effect of the production conditions
When the load of a screen is larger, the screening efficiency is low. To a large extent, the peace rate of the screen depends on the size of mesh and the whole screening efficiency; the larger the mesh demanding a lower screening efficiency, then the higher the productivity.

Besides, the uniformly uniformly also has a great significance on the screening process. And the angle of the screen also should be appropriate.

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