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Technical Summary the feeding procedure of cement rotary kiln

Release date : 2014-06-23      Source : Hongji Group

Rotary kiln is a rotary calcining kiln ( commonly known as rotary kiln ) belonging to the building material equipment. According to the different dealing materials, Rotary kiln can be classified into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln.

In the application of rotary kiln, it is most widely used in the cement industryt. The whole production process of cement can be summarized as "two grinding one burn", the" burn" refers to that the raw materials after ground and well confected will be firing to clinker under high temperature of the rotary kiln. Henan Hongji will tell the details of the feeding procedure of cement rotary kiln:

1. Tell the site inspector stop the kiln slow rotating and separate the kiln from slow turning clutch, set the kiln at a speed of 0.4 ~ 0.5rpm and then start the kiln motor;

2. Close the entrance baffle of the high temperature fan, set the speed at 200rpm, start the main motor. When the fan runs smooth, you can gradually open the fan entrance baffle. And adjust the rotating speed of the fan based on the outlet pressure of pre-heater;

3. According to the wind pressure situation of the kiln hood, start the remaining fan of the cooling machine;

4. The first feeding of the rotary kiln should be 100t / h;

5. When feeding, the wind, material, coal changes greatly. You should notify the site inspector roll levels of flap valve to ensure the feeding smooth;

6. Notify the raw material system adjust the outlet fan baffle opening of the electric dust and ensure outlet negative pressure of the exhaust fan about - 150 ~ - 300Pa. And spray water when the kiln exhaust fan outlet temperature reached 190~200 degrees;

7. When the clinker enters the cooler, gradually increase the speed and volume of grate cooler, at this time the wind temperature should be increased for two or three times.

8. When the feeding stable, inform the site stop diesel pumps and extract the oil gun.
The above several points are summarized by the technology personnel of Henan Hongji according to many years' work experience. The rotary kiln of Henan Hongji can be used in cement and lime, and it has the characteristics of large output, low energy consumption, good effect and so on.

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