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The future of the drying equipment in China

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

As the economic globalization process accelerate, more and more multinational companies of drying equipment industry has been transferred the target to Chinese market. Nowadays, the world famous drying equipment manufacturers, such as the Danish Neeru group, Japanese Da-chuan original Corporation and other famous manufacturers have set up branch offices in China. In the face of the more advanced technology, more high-end products and more intense competition, enterprises of China must improve themselves through practicing internal strength, strengthen independent innovation to improve product quality, create brand image, optimize the industrial structure and improve the level of development.

China machinery drying equipment industry association pointed out, if we want to make the drying industry bigger and stronger, we must enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, the key is to seize the two key not relaxing: one is enhancing the innovative and technology of the products; the other is to take the customer as the center, to handle the market demand and the market change. The enterprises should combine abundant knowledge and advanced developing ability, sensitive information resources with their own strong innovation demand and the physical ability of high technology commercialization and should be keen to capture the trend of market demand to develop new product of life.

At the same time, our country is characterized by small businesses, not strong, not professional, unversed, large number with low quality; the management of most enterprises is backward and the conomy scale does not achieve the appropriate one. Enterprises of drying industry should timely establish differentiation positioning strategy on the foundation of the companies with cultivating a batch of technical strength, with well-known brands and independent intellectual property rights. Especially small and medium enterprises should develop the unique superiority in equipment design or material technology so as to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and obtain the access to sustainable and healthy development.

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