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The phylogeny of various crushers

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

With the developing of construction, the need for a variety of resources especially mineral resources as well as the building stones become more and more, which makes the mining machinery industry, construction industry, stone industry rapidly develop. Various crushers, crushing equipment made prominent contribution in their application fields. In fact, the crusher has emerged one hundred years ago, which were after many improved becoming the mode what we use now. At a later time, crusher will have another improvement with the changing requirements of the people.

1. The first jaw crusher was designed and manufactured by the American E.W.Black in 1858 . The structure of the first jaw crusher is a form of double elbow. Jaw crusher is used for coarse,medium and fine crushing operations.

2. Cone crusher was initially designed by Symons brothers from American and started being used in mineral processing plant in 1920. In 1948 the A.C company of America developed the initially cone crushre into hydraulic cone crusher. It can be discharging the un-broken materials when the crusher functioning and the size of discharge mouth can be adjusted in the operating of the crusher. Cone crusher has the characteristics of big crushing ratio, high efficiency, low power consumption, uniform finished product size etc. It is suitable for fine and superfine crushing hard rock mineral material.

3. Hammer crusher first appeared in 1895. It is widely used in cement, coal, thermal power, metallurgy, refractory materials and other industrial sectors. Hammer crusher can be classified into single rotor and double rotor, single rotor includes irreversible and reversible. The specification is meant by rotor diameter and length.

4. Impact crusher is the new type crushing equipment of high efficiency appeared in the market  after the Second World War ( 1945), and it was designed by Black dodson Doctor of former West Germany Zeman company. It can be used for coarse, fine crushing  limestone, coal, calcium carbide and other brittle materials in cement, asbestos, glass, thermal power, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and other industrial sectors. Impact crusher can be classified into single rotor and double rotor.

5. Roll crusher appeared in 1806, because of its simple structure, easy to manufacture, in particular its products with less powder, now the roll crusher is still used in coal dressing, sintering, cement, glass, ceramics and other industrial sectors as well as small ore dressing plant, especially application of beneficiation test chamber. Roll crusher can be classified into single roller, double roller and multi-roller. Roll crusher can be also classified into light roller and the tooth roller according to the roller surface.

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