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Crushers promote the developing of railway construction

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

The developing of the infrastructure construction drives the developing of the crusher industries to flourish, because it is all the source of raw materials, no one can imagine what the situation of the productivity will be without the help of crushers. Railway infrastructure construction has been the most important investment fields and it will also welcome its big deleloping. The railway net of China in the future will form the 1 hours to 8 hours of traffic circle which takes Beijing as the center, in addition to Urumqi, Lhasa, Haikou, most capital city will be incorporated into the rapid transit circle.

The industry chain relating to the railway construction is very complex, which include seven major links: raw materials, parts and components, construction, machinery, facilities, operations and logistics as well as the follow-up services, and each link relates to different industries and fields. The large scale construction of railroad in China from now on will make the industry chain of enterprise directly or indirectly.

The upstream raw materials industry directly relates to the railway infrastructure will benefit directly, which mainly includes engineering machinery, iron and steel, cement, electric power, building materials and other industries. And the breakdown products of engineering machinery industry are mainly EMU, excavators, concrete machinery, automobile crane, erecting machine, crushing machinery and so on. The core enterprise of those industries will benefit more and with a more rosy developing prospect. Take Henan Hongji mine machinery as an example, it is a mine machinery company with high-tech, high level, high quality, high energy. The product of Hongji is widely used in the construction of stone crushing, construction sand making, industrial milling operations and so on.

The vertical ball mill, trapezoidal ball mill, mobile crusher, PFW impact crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, hydraulic impact crusher, impact crusher and other mechanical products of Henan Hongji mining machinery are widely used in airport, railway, highway, highway construction and national large-scale bridge, tunnel, terrestrial channel, new high-rise buildings and other construction; besides, they are also suitable for mining industry, cement industry, metallurgical industry, ceramic industry, stone industry, construction industry, grinding industry, construction industry and so on.

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