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Briefly analysis the composition of ball mill

Release date : 2014-06-23      Source : Hongji Group

Ball mill is mainly composed of cylinder body, end cover, liner and other parts.

1. The cylinder
The cylinder of ball mill is a hollow cylinder, which is welded together by a plurality of steel plates, the two ends of the cylinder body connected with the end cover and the hollow shaft. Cylinder liner has to bear the weight of the grinding body, partition board and the materials, so tremendous torque will produce when it works and it requires a great deal of bending strength and stiffness, thus cylinder body must have sufficient thickness, the larger the ball mill, the thicker the cylinder. The cylinder body should open 1 to 4 grinding doors ( which relates to the grinding gate length and warehouse number of  ball mill ), the grinding door is used to replace the lining board, partition board, grinding body and for the maintaining personnel entering. Establish the grinding door will reduce the intensity of ball mill cylinder, so the grinding door should not open too wide, and around the door should weld reinforcing steel.

2. The end cover
The end cover of ball mill has two kind of structure: welding and casting. Welding end cover foot plate is welded directly on the cylinder to make it become the one. The characteristics of this structure are with less raw materials, light parts, simple manufacture, easy assurance the quality. Another structure is the end cover and the hollow shaft casting respectively, and then assembled the two parts together by bolts after their processing, the cylinder body welded with the end cover, the hollow shaft and the end cover bolts connecting consumes large amount of materials and the processing needs large mount of work.

3. Lining plate
Ball mill rise the cylinder body, throw, smashing material, and then mixed into the materials in its function. When the materials raised by the ball mill it also slide along the inner wall, which will bring about serious wear to the inner wall of the cylinder body, so it should be coupled with the liner to protect the grinding body and head from directly impacting of the grinding body and the grinding material, this is the lining board. If make the liner into different surface shape, then the liner will has another function, which helps to improve the grinding body to improve the grinding effect and improve the efficiency of the ball mill.

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