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The vast potential prospect in high railway of the crusher

Release date : 2014-06-23      Source : Hongji Group

High speed railway is entering the rapid development track, the prospect of a crusher in the high speed railway construction has vast potential. Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang express on high speed rail at the Seventh World Congress, the government has taken the high speed railway as priority of developing strategic emerging industries, which means the government will increase the supportive strength henceforth such as in financial investment, construction land, technology innovation, business environment, etc. The application prospect of the crusher in high-speed railway construction is remarkable.

China is the world 's fastest-growing country in high speed railway, and the commissioning mileage and the mileage in building is the longest all over the world at present. As the end of the November the whole commissioning mileage will reach 7531 km, and the in building mileage will be 10000 kilometers above. According to the plan, to 2012, China will build 42 high-speed railway passenger dedicated line, high-speed rail mileage will exceed 13000 kilometers; by 2020 will reach 16000 kilometers above. According to estimates, the next three years, China will invest 900 billion yuan to build 9200 km high-speed rail. So great a high-speed rail construction project, the demand of aggregate will be a huge number, aggregate supply and demand market faces a basically infinite demand space. Large aggregate supply gap needs almost throughout the sand stone field to meet the market supply, also needs a large amount of crushers, sand making machines and other mechanical equipments to support the producing of aggregate.

Henan Hongji mining machinery base on the research and development of the latest technical crusher and sand making machine, and combine with the foreign advanced technology, innovation to improve equipment performance. Crushers and sand making machines of Hongji Group are in full compliance with the requirements of regional market. The higher applicability crusher has always been our R & D work standards. Along with the further developing of high-speed rail construction, the application market of mechanical equipments such as crushers ,and making machines will be more broad.

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