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The discharging port detection of crusher

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

As the name suggests that the discharging port of crusher is the channel which materials are discharged out of the crusher after their breaking. If there appear anomaly of the discharging port,the port may be plugged by the material,which will lead to an anomaly of the normal function of crusher. So we'd better to detect the discharging port.

The discharging detection of a crusher is one of the contents about dressing test technology. The purpose of this test is to adjust the size of the discharging port, so that we can control the size of the crushed product efficiently and balance the load of various parts of the crusher reasonably.

Normally there are two methods to detect the discharging port as the direct method and the indirect method.

The direct one is the most common and most simple method. It is that throw a shot into the crusher and then measure the size of the diacharged shot which is squeezed in the crusher to identify the size of the discharging port.
The indirect method includs general hydraulic test and inductance hydraulic test.The general hydraulic test is setting a rod over the hydraulic oil level indicator of the discharging. The oil level actually reflects the position of the moving cone of crusher and show the size of the discharging port directly.
The inductance hydraulic test rely on the electronic control system of electric hydraulic control device. What is to say that the inductive clearance measurement device under the spindle or the transmittingselsyn upon the shaft will automatic measure and display the position of the spindle and the size of the mouth. Inductance hydraulic test is able to  detect instantaneous size of the discharging port continuously. So that adjust the port immediately and realize automatic of the operation. But this method could only be used by crushers with hydraulic governing system of the discharging pot and electric hydraulic control system,It is mainly in the cone crusher.

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