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The working principle and basic structure of magnetic separator

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Working principle of magnetic separator

After the pulp enters the tub through the feeding box,, mineral grain enter into feeding area of tub at a state of un-consolidation under the action of the water flow of feeding sprinkler pipe. Under the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic mineral grains get together and "magnetic magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" come into being . "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" move to magnetic poles and be adsorbed in the cylinder under the inflence of magnetic in the pulp. The polarity of the cylinder poles arranges alternately along the direction of rotation and it is changeless when working. When "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" rotate with the cylinder, matrix and other Non-magnetic minerals which were mingled in the "magnetic group" or "magnetic chain" fall out in the flipping because of magnetic phenomenon, was eventually suck in cylinder surface "magnetic group" or "magnetic Ephraim" is concentrate. Concentrate with cylinder turned to the edge of the weak magnetic force in the ore discharge, washing water hoses under the action of unloading was to concentrate slot, if is the magnetic magnetic roller, unloaded ore is to use brush roller. The magnetic or weak magnetic minerals in the pulp was left in the tank with the pulp eduction, namely is tailings.

The basic structure of magnetic separator:

Magnetic separator mainly consists of six parts which include the rollers, brush roller, magnetic department, tub and the transmission part. Cylinder is rolled up by the stainless steel plate at a size of 2-3 mm.The cover is made by cast aluminum parts or components, which connect with the tub by the stainless steel screws. Motor through the deceleration machine or use directly infinitely adjustable-speed motor, drive, magnetic cylinder roller and brush roller for rotary motion. Magnetic are open magnetic is installed in the cylinder, and in all the bare magnetic. Magnets with stainless steel bolts into magnetic yoke on of the floor, the axial magnetic yoke out the axial end fixed tube, a turn arm. Right arm can adjust the magnetic pull the deflection Angle adjustment right, is can be fixed with bars. The working area of tub is made by stainless steel, frame and other parts of the tub are welded of ordinary steel.

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