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Working principle of impact crusher and remedies of its common malfunction

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Working principle£º
The impact crusher is a kind of broken mechanical by use of impact to broke materials. When the machine works, the rotor driven by the motor rotates at a high speed .when material enter the plate hammer function area, which will impact the rotor plate hammer to fragment, and then the fragments will be thrown to the device to broke again, after that the fragments bounce back from the broken line board to plate hammer function area.this  broken process is repeated, and the material is repeated broken after its entering the counterattack cavity by once,twice and third times until the material being broken to the necessary size and discharged from the mouth eduction. By adjusting the the gap between counterattack frame and rotor to change the grain-size and the shape of the material. Stone falls directly into high speed rotating turntable from above the machine; In high speed centrifugal force, the function of and another part of the way to SanXing shunt in the turntable around produce high speed and high density of jinliyuan collision of shattered, stone in each other, and will blow in the cabinet and formed between sports and cause of the eddy current DuoCi hit each other, friction, crushing, from the lower direct eduction. Closed-circuit circulation is formed several times to reach the required  by the control of screening equipment..

Remedies of common malfunction£º
1,Vibration abnormality:
1), It probobly means the material is too big, so check the size of feeding material ;
2), Counterattack hammer need to change;
3) The imbalance rotor should be adjusted,
4),Basic processes improper means the need to check the anchor bolts and reinforcement.
2, Bearing fever:
1), indicating that the bearing oil, fuel the need for timely, of course, also make too much bearing heating fuel, refueling, be sure to check the oil level,
2), Bearing damage, change bearing in time,
3), Cover too close, adjust good bolt tightness, moderate advisable.
3 The grain-size too big:
1), Explain hammer, need to wear the idle will hammer or replaced,
2), Hammer and counterattack board, general adjust large clearance for 15 to 20 mm,
3), Feeding particle size too big can also affect the grain-size.
4, Belt flip:
1), Change the worn vee belt,
2),Considering the problem of belt assembly, adjust the pulley to the same plane,
3), Pay attention to the quality of vee belt itself.
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