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Sand making machine for dry mortar products provide the ingredients

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

The bonding mortar often choose the ordinary cement, slag cement, coal ash  cement and composite cement, some special engineering and structure, can choose special cement. The cement content, then how much influence the workability, bonding mortar strength and the strength of the mortar. To ensure the mortar comprehensive technical performance, the sand making machine should as far as possible use 32.5 low strength grade of concrete. For managing material, the reasonable use of resources. Also a small stone which can be mixed with clay cream, fly ash admixtures, then can choose 42.5 strength grade of concrete.

With fine aggregate mainly for the mortar natural sand, after system is broken into new artificial sand processing. Sand play in mortar framework and filling effect of mortar, the liquidity and strength greater influence, especially for the mortar shrinkage cracking, have better inhibition action. Because of mortar layer is thinner, maximum diameter of sand should be limits to the general with advisable. Laying freestone with maximum diameter of masonry sand should be less than a quarter of the mortar layer thickness, brick masonry 1/5-with the biggest sand particle size should be no more than 2. 5 mm. With the technical quality sand mortar and concrete requirements with sand, just the same amount of vague requirements than more wide range of concrete, the intensity level for M2.5 above the sand, the bonding mortar shall not be more than 5%, huge-area strength grade for the cement mixed mortar, M2.5 sand should be no more than 10%, huge-area to prevent shrinkage and reduce the mortar increase the strength of the cement mortar and durability. In order to reduce project costs, and can use local materials, reasonable use efficient system of artificial sand, sand machine production sand, sand and mountain, slag etc of dry mortar, the finished product formula provides ample ingredients.

At present the aggregate demand not only the mortar quantity, and high quality requirements, it is to develop the artificial sand huge market capacity. Henan Hongji mining machinery Co., LTD as a domestic professional system sand equipment manufacturers, and the production of series of sand machine, for the domestic sand and gravel materials production enterprise fully customers, and excellent after-sales service to provide a full range of production security, remove all of the customer extra worries. Shanghai esong system will become the sand machine domestic building sand manufacturers preferred equipment.

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