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Jaw Crusher's common malfunction and its remedy(B)

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Symptom 6:the fracture of bracket.
Reasons: 1)Jaw Crusher host overload or materials whose size is greater than the size of feeding mouth enter in; 2)Non-broken material enter the crushing chamber; 3)It's not parallel between toggle and toggle pad and skew exists; 4)Jaw Crusher castings appear more serious casting defects.
Remedy: 1)Replace the toggle and control the size of the feed, and prevent overloading the host; 2)Replace the Toggle and take measures to avoid non-broken material entering the crushing chamber; 3)Replace the Toggle and the worn toggle pad, install the toggle correctly; 4)Replace into qualified Toggle.

Symptom 7:Adjusting Toggle seat broken.
Reasons: 1)They purchase or restructure of the toggle and toggle pad themsrlves,which does not meet the design requirements of OEMs; 2)Fixed bolts of the adjusting toggle seat loose; 3)There are serious casting defects or welding defects of the adjusting toggle seat
Remedy: 1)Replace the adjusting seat and replace into OEMs original assembly bracket, bracket pad; 2)Replace and adjust the seat to adjust seat bolt adapter; 3)The replacement of the adjusting toggle seat.

Symptom 8: The temperature of the frame axle-bearing or in the movable jaw is too high.
Reasons: 1)Lack of grease; 2)Grease stains; 3)Bearing clearance is not suitable or the bearing contact is not good; 4)bearing damage.
Remedy: 1)By adding the right amount of grease; 2)cleaning the bearings and replace grease; 3)Adjust bearing's tightness or trim the bearing and bearing pad in the use of pads; 4) The replacement of bearings

Symptom 9; Rear of the rack produce percussion sound.
Reasons: 1)The rod is not tighten,  the bracket hit the movable jaw and the toggle plate of the adjust seat pad; 2)Friction exists between the rod and the lower jaw hook; 3)The spring and spring seat strike each other.
Remedy: 1)Tasten the rod; 2)Check whether the spring tension is valid or not,if not replace the spring,tighten the rod and re-tighten the spring; 3)Install the spring seat and tighten the nut of the rod to the right position.

Symptom 10: jaw crusher frame serious beating.
Reasons: 1)Anchor bolts loose or broken; 2)Balance weight block of the flying sheave deviate its position; 3) The host without solid foundation and isolation measures.
Remedy: 1)Tighten the anchor bolts or replace broken bolts; 2)Remove the cover plate fly wheel slot, Loosen the fly wheel slot expansion sleeve bolts,adjust the position of the flying sheave balance weight block, then tightening up expansion sleeve bolts; 3) Reinforce base, padded sleepers or rubber, etc.

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