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Jaw Crusher's common malfunction and its remedy(A)

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

There will appear a variety of failure in Jaw crusher's daily use ,here we list some common faults and their remedies:

Jaw Crusher common symptom1:a suddenly stop of the host (commonly known as: boring car).
Reasons:1)the block of discharge port lead the sealing; 2)the loose of rotation of the belt driving sheave rotating make the belt slip; 3)eccentric shaft bush sleeve is loose, causing the rack bearing no gaps in both sides, so that the eccentric shaft stuck, unable to turn; 4)workplace voltage is too low, which  causes the host encounter aniseed,and the inability broken; 5) bearing damage.
Remedy:1)removing obstruction of the discharge opening to ensure the smooth flow of materials; 2)tighten or replace belt; 3)to re-install or replace the bush sleeve; 4)align the workplace voltage to conform to the requirements of the host operating voltage; 5)replacement bearing.

Symptom 2:the host sheave and moving jaw functioning normally, but broken cease work.
Reasons:1)tension spring break; 2)rod fracture; 3)off or broken of the bracket
Remedy:1)replace tension spring; 2)replace the rod; 3)to re-install or replace the bracket

Symptom 3:stunned Crusher spring break.
Reason: emphasis on small Jaw Crusher discharge opening with the spring tention.
Remedy: Replace the spring.

Symptom 4:flying sheave shaft swing.
Reasons:1) flying sheave shaft hole slot, flat key or shaft wear and loose in coordinating; 2)stone rolling into the inside of the wheel result in cracking of the flying sheave wheel shell; 3)casting defects; 4)flying sheave expansion sleeve looses.
Remedy:1)flat key wear, replace the flat key, or replace the eccentric shaft or fly wheel slot; 2)by doing flying tank round shield and replace the eccentric shaft or fly wheel slot; 3)replace the eccentric shaft or tank round. 4)Re-tight set up sleeve

Symptom 5:there is beating and crash sound in the process of moving or fixing the jaw plate .
Reasons:1)fastening bolts of jaw Crusher's jaw plate loose or falling; 2)jaw Crusher's discharge opening is too small lead the bottom two jaw plates hit each other.
Remedy:1)fixed or installed for tight bolts; 2)align the nesting population to ensure that the correct gap between two jaw plate.

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