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Sand making machine:Sand production line of indispensable key

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Sand aggregate in the national economic construction is indispensable, at least so far, no new resources can replace function in the construction of sand and gravel materials in. So sand aggregate production is still valuable, sand production will be in the future benefit all the way. Investment sand production of course needs to invest in production equipment, the sand making machine is one of the indispensable equipment.

In the past the sand production can not reach the standard of high quality, this both because, on the one hand, people thought that only play in the sand in the concrete filling effect, weight, as long as more cement on the line, people familiar with the traditional bias, on the other hand, the people of the master limited, sand technology crushing equipment and system of sand blasting equipment efficiency norms can not reach the required standards. As technology has introduced and improved, the production of sand machine equipment system has can achieve very to standard, had to meet demand and the demand of contemporary construction standard. The sand of the machine equipment high effective production will make sand production line production more popular, more popular.

The sand machine equipment in the work need to pay attention to, the sand machine drive triangle tape taut force size should be adjusted properly, in order to ensure that the triangle tape power average, double motor drive, both sides should be grouped matching triangle tape, and its every leader degrees as agreement. Open the door to stop observing system sand machine internal wear. After wearing should change in time or repair, replacement of wear-resisting should be replaced, ensure wear-resisting piece of similar in weight. It is strictly prohibited to crusher work process open door window observation internal workings, lest produce risk. Find impeller body wear change in time looking for manufacturer of repair.

The construction of the country without sand aggregate, sand production line production from the sand machine, so the dawn heavy industry to increase the sand machine equipment technology introduction and the scale of production, will be to our country the construction industry produce a great push forward.

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