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The principle and process of mobile crusher material

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group

Material broken product size for 1 mm to 5 mm, which outside force that big materials for small pieces of broken. Its main purpose is to provide the hind leg with particle size technology requirements for process of raw materials and easy storage and transport. In industrial production for broken all using jaw crusher. Broken the cap on the product size, no less than the lab! Processing of up to 1 mm material. Breakage is dressing, coal, metallurgy, construction, road, cement, alumina, nonmetal mineral processing and coal-fired power and industry departments of an important assignments. In a mining and cement plant, crushing workshop of the investment and production costs, such as a proportion of concentrator broken and grinding the workshop investment, about of all investment, the production cost accounting for all the cost of production. So, reducing energy consumption, increase crushing efficiency broken, is of great significance.

Crushing process is a complex material block size change processes, and many factors. The main influence factors of material force strength, toughness and hardness, shape, size, humidity, temperature and density and homogeneous, and external conditions such as material of the moment of broken interaction and distribution state, etc. The above factors caused the complicated, and fracture process is not yet that unity and complete theory to guide practice paper explains and broken. Broken must be in for material force to do work, overcome the particle can happen between the cohesive. The size of the cohesion of the same kind of material also is very wide gap, cohesive can be divided into two kinds: one kind is the crystal of the internal force between particles, another kind is the force between crystals and crystal. Both have the same physical properties, but numerical different, the first group cohesive than the second cohesive many times greater. The size of the cohesive, depends on the material in the nature of crystal and structure, and and structure the defects existing in the relevant. These defects may be the macroscopic and microscopic cracks to injury, it makes the crystal the links between the become weak. According to the structure of the crystals and the nature of hard particle interplanting, can theoretically calculated the cohesive within crystals; As for the size of the cohesion between crystals, and all reduce the material sturdiness of the effects of the factors, still can't accurately calculated.

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