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Jaw crusher's common overload protection method and development

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group
Jaw crusher is very bad working conditions, broken homework work load volatile, peak load usually for 3 times of the average load. Often because of the person or because of the uneven material crushing cavity into extremely hard strong not broken things (such as iron, hereinafter referred to as materials) and disabled there is a sudden greatly overload danger. Therefore, jaw crusher has more specific overload protection measures, developed so far, the commonly used basically has the following kinds of methods.
(1)cubits break law: the board set cubits board low intensity easy broken point, that is, in the crusher, cubits plate appear overload stress sensitive area because the stress has risen sharply to the limit and broke by itself, cut off the power transfer machine, prevent damage.
This kind of traditional overload protection measures, the structure is simple, easy to manufacture. But because cubits board (usually cast iron) the mechanical properties of the volatility of the calculation precision by bigger and precise quantitative restrictions, can't break points, the practical application control often is in and can't get overload protection. Moreover, even if the overload protection was given, but because the crusher is in accident in cleaning, state, tear open outfit and change a machine is not the operation before, this will cause flow is interrupted, delay production.
(2)the flywheel limited moment protection: use spring friction clutch, hydraulic friction clutch or set safety pin, etc. Such methods in Jane tilting jaw crusher on used more often.
(3)hydraulic protection: because the two overload protection method existing protection not reliable and accident situation required shutting down the processing, created flow is interrupted and restore a trouble, in broken processing contained more disabled material flow of materials (such as when the steel slag broken line), often can not adapt to the needs of production. Therefore, the development of safe and reliable hydraulic protection device instead of traditional negative protection means, maximize machine security on an even keel continuous operation is necessary.

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