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Sand making machine industry promote the country's economy sustainable development

Release date : 2014-05-14      Source : Hongji Group
The development of our national economy, all kinds of metal and quickly non-metallic ore, cement plant, building, sand and metallurgical and other industries production scale enlarging all over the country, open a wave and a stream of construction upsurge, the sand making machine in our country in the development of construction machine occupies very important position and role, became the pillar of the national economy to create benefit industry.
According to the survey analysis, at present, the sand machine is the pillar of the mining machinery products, is one of the countries to establish the foundation of system of independent industry, also is the measure of a country's industrial strength important symbol. Its for coal, metallic and non-metallic mining development to provide more with the international advanced level in the high quality, efficient equipment to meet the national economy development to the need of energy and raw materials. But the system in our country and abroad sand machine industry than there are also a lot of gap, we will try to innovation, shorten the gap. 
Throughout the development direction of the society, the sand machine industry the development trend of the good, and has become a traditional and new business areas. Dawn heavy industry accumulation of production experience many years, create the elitist system mechanical sand, sand from the PCL series of machines to VSI series sand machine, and now the absorption of advanced technology, research and German production out of the third generation of new sand-5 X machine series efficient system, and has a number of sand machine independent patent property of a new generation of products, integrates machine of sand three broken mode in one of the new system, now has become a sand machine mechanism of the core equipment of sand industry.
Now, along with the rapid development of China's economy, the government of machinery industry increased importance. As in recent years, sand metallurgical and other industries with the expansion of the scale of production, the artificial mechanism needs more and more sand, sand machine market space also made it more vast, will be the pillar of the national economy to create benefit industry, so as to promote but add stand to implement the strategy of development.

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